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    Since 2001
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Why to choose Incognito Party Service?
Since 2001

Many escort agencies are coming and going, while Incognitopartyservice has been existing since 2001! There must be a certain reason for that! ... And the reason is that WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY!
Incognitopartyservice was founded 13 years ago and it is still there, because we realized that most of our returning clients are not just looking for some pretty face, but they want to have a True Girlfriend Experience with a matching lady. We provide an unforgettable, valuable and exciting experience. A customized and personal date with a simpatic and interesting woman. This will nearly never happen if You book via any escort agency. Do You know why ?

Our Philosophy
Elite. Discreet. Independent.

We offer elegant companionship for wealthy gentlemen locally and for travel. We consider ourself not a call-girl service providor, but as High Class Travel Companions and Entertainers. We do outcalls and international travels too.
We are Independent Escorts. Yes, truly independent which means Agency-Free (!) and operating legal. We organize meetings for ourselves. No third party is involved. All ladies have their individual rates and conditions for their companionship.
We prefer direct communication with You! We ensure You will get a personal message back from the desired lady. It couldn‘t be more discreet and confidential.

About Us

Incognitopartyservice was established by a group of High Class Escort Models who decided to provide gentlemen elegant companionship and outstanding escort services in an INDEPENDENT way.
Our community is made of beautiful escort models from Eastern Europe. We are primarily based in Hungary/Budapest, Czech Republic/Prague and Slovakia.
We are available for international travels. As being an EU member we DO NOT need Visa for many countries!
We are all charming, sexy, well-educated and experienced ladies. We provide exeptional companionship to highlight Your day with unforgettable Girlfriend Experience.
We will realize Your dreams!!!

Escort Budapest, Escort Hungary, Hungarian Escort
Escort Budapest, Czech Escort, Escort Prague
Escort Budapest, Escort Bratislava, Escort Wien
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Escort Budapest, Escort London, Independent Escort

The pros and cons of booking an agency-girl or an Independent
It’s obviously a dilemma that everybody faces when consider to date with an escort. Lean more about the topic!

Why is it better to book an Independent Escort?
Advantages of dating with an Independent

  • It is completely Legal.
  • Exchange information directly! No third parties means quicker and easier communication and no misunderstanding between You and her. She can personally express her interests in meeting You.
  • Minimise the risk! During the process of direct communication you will have the opportunity to get an impression of her personality and attitude - and she will have likewise regarding you. If something is not matching you have more chance to find out the unsuitability than with any agenies.
  • More personal date with the lady. So the Girlfriend Experience is more likely to happen.
  • Intelligence. The fact that the independent escort lady is an entrepreneur by operating a small business and being self-employed also indicates something about her personality. Obvious she is in possession of good organizational and language skills by doing those international travels.
  • More motivation. The ladies are more motivated to deliver an outstanding and personal service, in order to make You a regular friend. Clients only become regulars friends if they are satisfied.
  • Your gift will make her 100% happy. Independent escort girls can keep all what they were given for their companionship time and services.

Things You should know about how agencies work!

  • Agencies are not legal. Furthermore not etichal. It is illegal for an agency to make money on girls so that's something to bear in mind.
  • Sales comission of 30%/40%/50%. Agencies are only interested in the successfull meeting encounter to earn their commission. Does not matter you get an escort of your choice or not. They will send „available girls” for you, not the best matching one.
  • Many fake profiles to attract more customers.
  • Simple girls. Usually they work with girls who are bad organisers or who are limited in some other way.
  • No direct communication is allowed. The agency staff will explain you that they are protecting the escort lady; preserving her anonymity,etc. In reality the agency fears being cut out from the deal. Ok, but how to figure out in this way if You click or not?!
  • Business-like meetings with no Girlfriend experience as two complete stranger will meet.
  • They often „push the girls” to take a job. If she has to cancel something she may be penalised in some way. With a bad agency there may be pressures to offer more services...
  • Overworked girls. Typical agency girl is signed up with several agencies so they often have to rush from seeing one person to another, without a break!!!
  • Agency escort girl will be less motivated to build personal relations with You which will be a huge disadvantage for You if You are seeking at least a minimum of personal relations with your escort.
  • More expensive. Using an agency to mediate an appointment between You and the escort will make you paying more for the same or even less experience. Simply due to the agency's parasitic mode of operation.

The above disadvantages make a better decision to always book Independent High class. It is up to you to get the best possible experience!

Contact Us

We are not an agency! We do not arrange any meeting between gentlemen and the models!
Please Contact the desired lady directly!